Elan Pulse - Arousing Sensual Spray Personal Lubricant & Aphrodisiac

Elan Pulse Arousing Sensual Spray Personal Lubricant & Aphrodisiac

Made with Whole Plant High CBD Hemp Extract

Organic Ingredients:

1oz Bottle, Whole Plant Hemp CBD Blend 100mg, Coconut MCT Oil, Melon Seed Essential Oil, Pomegranate Seed Co2 Extract, Ginger Root Co2 Extract, Nutmeg Essential Oil, Vanilla Co2 Extract, Cardamom Co2 Extract


Activate your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) with this proprietary blend of whole plant hemp CBD, essential oils and botanical extractions. This aphrodisiac combination was carefully chosen to enhance every sexual experience by boosting bloodflow to the right places with a gentle scent, stirring up all you desires. DO NOT USE WITH LATEX.


USE: 2-4 Sprays On Erogenous Zones (Test on back of wrist before use)


Whole Plant CBD Extract

Ancient aphrodisiac, increases oxygenated blood flow, activates the ECS


Melon Seed Oil

Aphrodisiac, contains Citrulline, increases nitric oxcide, opens blood vessels, speeds up circulation


Pomegranate Seed Extract

Aphrodisiac, improves blood flow, increases genital sensitivity


Ginger Root Extract

Legend says Madame du Barry, the famous French courtesan, gave ginger to all her lovers to improve their pleasure, increasing their desire. Aphrodisiac, increases circulation and body temperature


Nutmeg Essential Oil

Aphrodisiac, has warming properties, comes from the Hindu Culture


Vanilla Co2 Extract

Aphrodisiac, acts as a mild nerve stimulant, sensual smell


Cardamom Co2 Extract

In the Arabian Nights, read of this ancient spice as an aphrodisiac, warming qualities, increases blood flow, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory


Coconut MCT Oil

Allows the perfect dillution of essential oils and Co2 extracts, a safe and natural lubricant to create intense enjoyment. Excite your senses and stimulate your pleasure alone or with a partner



Elan Pulse - Arousing Sensual Spray Personal Lubricant & Aphrodisiac


    Made in Arvada, Colorado, United States

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